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Is your Calgary IT Company Doing What They Are Supposed to Be Doing?

Is your current MSP meeting all of your needs? Is it possible you don’t even know what services you should be getting from your IT support?

Perhaps your company emails are always down, or your office computers are frequently crippled by malware. It could even be you’ve simply outgrown your current IT Company. Whatever the case, when it’s time to part ways with your Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), you’ll know.

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Many reasons could make you want to leave your current MSP. Here are just a few we’ve come across over the years:

  • You’ve been experiencing the same IT issues for quite some time.
  • Routine IT issues take too long to resolve.
  • You always have to pay extra charges on top of the monthly subscription fee.
  • A high turnover rate in your MSP which means you aren’t working with a support team that understands your IT environment.
  • Your current MSP is always trying to sell you additional services you don’t necessarily need.
  • Your MSP is not paying enough attention to your network security which may have resulted in a cyber-attack.

However, as a leading IT Consulting Company working with businesses throughout Calgary, 403Tech understands your situation has its challenges. Over the many years, we’ve been in operation, we have seen many companies struggle with parting ways with an unreliable IT company. For various reasons, they chose to carry on with an IT support provider that is not up to ask.

The transition process might seem hard, or you could have grown complacent with your current MSP. However, for the most part, the main reason why businesses find it challenging to switch MSPs is the lack of useful information. At 403Tech, we feel morally obligated to educate business decision-makers in your situation so they can make informed choices.

It is with this goal in mind that our team came up with this blog. As with any other business decision, you need the right information before deciding on switching IT companies.

This article answers some of the questions you need to ask yourself before making the switch.

What Services Should You Expect From Your IT Company?

If your IT support provider in Calgary can’t offer any of the following five essential services, you need to switch to an MSP that can:

Proactive Support Services

These are the standard Help Desk features like helpline, ticketed support, or online support portals. Such remote Help Desk services enable your MSP to function as an extension of our team. The primary roles of a help desk are:

  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Offering support for any problems with your computer systems (both hardware and software)

A reputable MSP should be able to offer IT solutions remotely via phone or email and even assist in offsite support if necessary. Usually, you place support requests in a ticketing system where your MSP should respond as soon as possible with the support you need.

Data Backups

As with any natural disaster, you need a continuity plan for when you experience a technology failure. The best way to do this is by backing up your data regularly both at your business premises and in a cloud environment. A good MSP will help you come up with a tailor-made backup solution. They will also monitor and inform you in case of any issues.

A proper backup plan helps to reduce downtimes, increase productivity, and maintain compliance.

Security Services

This is arguably the most valuable of any managed IT service since data security requires round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring. It’s, therefore, best to outsource your network security to an MSP. A reliable MSP should offer a wide array of cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your network from any cyberattack.

Remote Management and Monitoring

This is a type of software that enables an MSP to monitor your network remotely. Whenever issues arise, it creates suitable tickets and alerts.

Timely response prevents problems from escalating into system failures, which in turn helps minimize downtimes.

Communication Vendor Management

Beyond merely matching your organization’s unique communication needs with the right vendor, a reliable IT Company should also facilitate the partnership. They should recommend a working solution then follow up to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How Do You Choose a Reliable IT Company?

When you finally decide to cut ties with your current MSP, how do you know you’re not just leaving a lousy situation for a worse one?

To stay competitive in today’s business world, you need to exploit your IT investments fully. However, this can be a challenge if your IT support provider is not up to the challenge. The simple solution? Switch to a more reliable MSP that knows how to get the job done.

To help you settle on an MSP that will fully satisfy your needs, we’ve made a list of the qualities we believe define the right MSP:

  • Technical Expertise: First of all, you have to make sure that your new IT Company understands the technologies your business uses.
  • Industry Expertise: It is crucial to partner with an IT Company that has previously worked with businesses in your industry.
  • Availability: You need to choose a new MSP that can provide your business with round-the-clock support that is in line with your preference, whether on-site or remotely.
  • Adaptability: Your new MSP should offer tailored solutions to satisfy your organization’s unique demands.
  • Reputation: Ask around and carry out your research to help you pick an MSP with a distinguished track record.
  • Commitment: Ensure your new MSP is interested in helping your business achieve its goals.

Ready to Switch to a Reliable IT Company?

At 403Tech, we firmly believe it’s your MSP’s role to take care of your unique IT needs so you can focus on what you’re good at; running your business.

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