Comprehensive Guide to Managed IT Services in Calgary

Managed IT services in Calgary now offer a level playing field for companies of all sizes and across sectors. Learn more about 403Tech here.

Comprehensive Guide to Managed IT Services in Calgary

The IT realm has evolved rapidly, and new trends and shifts are witnessed every new year. IT continues to be a vital element in every organization – a must-have to remain competitive and relevant in the current contentious market. But for different reasons, not every corporation has sufficient resources to build a reliable, skilled, on-premise IT team. Small and mid-sized entities in Calgary face the most significant challenge accommodating their technical needs and staying competitive. Fortunately, managed IT services in Calgary now offer a level playing field for companies of all sizes and across sectors.

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What Is Managed IT?

Managed IT services are sometimes referred to as outsourced IT. It’s a third-party service that ensures organizations access the tools, infrastructure, and other technical support at a standard monthly or annual subscription. Managed IT service providers are mostly referred to as MSPs.

These providers offer widely varying services that cover the different aspects, including your cybersecurity needs, backup recovery, VoIP solutions, and much more. Typically, organizations opt for IT support when they’re unable to recruit and manage in-house IT teams or when they’d like to enjoy the convenience and benefits of outsourcing.

Considering how challenging and vast IT problems are, entities nowadays have to partner with MSPs differently. Like any other tech service, outsourced IT covers a broad umbrella encompassing a wide range of managed services. It’s not easy to know what you really need if you don’t understand the available service options.

Categories of Managed IT Services

Here are the primary MSP services that you can leverage in your business:

Networking and Infrastructure

Managed IT offers different support alternatives to help your company handle LANs, WANs, and other computing aspects. This package may include the following services:

  • Infrastructure setup – The experts can set up hardware and software in your premises professionally.
  • Remote management of print services – Authorized personnel will print out documents remotely via the company network.
  • Managed Cloud infrastructure – They’ll ensure all staff are available for meetings and handle projects collaboratively on cloud-based software.
  • Storage backup – Teams can upload data and update tasks from any location thanks to remote backup.
  • Mobile networking – MSPs allow your team to connect from different locations via wireless devices.

The above services mean that your Calgary business wireless management will be in skilled hands and all your technical aspects in the cloud.

Security Management

An MSP has the professionals and advanced tools to enhance your computer system security. They offer the following risk prevention and security management services:

  • Anti-malware – The experts can install the right software to protect your infrastructure and data from virus attacks.
  • App compatibility – All the software programs and hardware components within your networks will be fully compatible and integrated.
  • Maintenance and patching – Managed IT providers will keep the software updated to eliminate any loopholes and enhance your security protocols.

A managed service provider will ensure every network security layer is always equipped with the latest software versions and patches.


MSPs offer different software programs with unlimited access on an annual or monthly subscription. They may provide and maintain the SaaS solution or link you to a third-party developer. Every security update or patch will be remotely installed whenever they’re available, and you’ll have time to focus on business.

Thanks to SaaS, teams can rest assured of fully functional software programs that can be safely installed from any device. This relieves you from on-premise software installations and system updates.

Communications Services

Managed IT companies offer an IT communication package that includes the following elements:

  • Video – They’ll provide seamless remote conferences where teams can attend from any location.
  • Voice – MSPs ensure smooth communication between colleagues, either one on one via multi-party conversations, using smartphones and PCs.
  • Data – Outsourced IT ensure the ease of sharing information across devices and from different locations.

Your MSP will enhance communication within your organization to ensure all teams work in sync. The service may also include a call center managed remotely.

Support Services

Whenever your teams encounter problems regarding a particular protocol, prompt, or system program, they’ll reach out to the support center for solutions. MSPs offer different levels of support services focused on remote implementation and management of programs. You’ll achieve this without any compatibility issue and with no learning curve.

Data Analytics

It’s not easy to navigate the in-depth computer data unless you’re specialized in IT. As networking technology gets more convoluted, a reliable MSP will handle the complex analysis on your behalf. The service may involve multiple examination layers that cover pattern investigation and data observations. The specialists will translate and harness the vital elements of your system’s data and ensure all members access it.

Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider

Here are the different ways in which a managed service provider will improve your Calgary business:

  • Efficiency – MSPs relieve smaller IT teams from the technical burden and equip them with the relevant IT management knowledge.
  • ROI – Small companies find it hard to maintain software and monitor for cybersecurity threats due to limited resources. A managed service provider offers budget consistency, giving you more time and resources for expansion planning.
  • Proactive maintenance – Most of the time, internal IT teams address issues after they’ve already harmed the company. An MSP fills this gap by monitoring the system around the clock and through frequent penetration tests.
  • Improved security and compliance – Most small and medium entities struggle with compliance issues with new guidelines rolled out every year. Outsourced IT agencies monitor your networks and systems to minimize the risk of security breaches and simplify the way you track metrics.
  • Room for innovation – Outsourcing IT doesn’t render your internal teams irrelevant. Instead, your staff will have more time to focus on less tedious projects and strategic goals.

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The Bottom Line

Organizations of different sizes now turn to managed IT services, and the rewards are worth the investment. Smaller Calgary companies that don’t have sufficient resources to hire a skilled and dedicated internal IT team now enjoy a level playing field.

Partnering with a service provider enhances your security and compliance. You’ll also enjoy reliable and efficient IT operations, cut costs, and leverage a more proactive maintenance approach. What’s more, employees will be free to focus on other crucial tasks, and your Calgary business will gain a competitive edge.

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