Does Your Manufacturing Firm Have Someone In Charge Of Strategy?

What you need from your IT and what you need to achieve in business won’t just happen on their own. You need to develop and follow a strategy – do you have someone handling that for you?

Your Manufacturing Firm Should Have Someone In Charge Of Strategy

With each step your manufacturing firm takes in becoming a more developed and profitable operation, you should be confident that your IT system can stay ahead of your growth.

One-off IT consultations can be expensive and produce inconsistent results; without the appropriate advice, your technology may fail to meet the needs of the next stage of your business. You need ongoing, consistent strategy management and development in order to make sure your IT is aligned with your business.

Do you have someone taking care of that for you?


Who’s Managing Your Manufacturing Firm’s Strategy?

Developing and following a strategy for your manufacturing firm requires the dedication and expertise of a specific individual – your Chief Information Officer. This C-level executive needs to have a background in IT, combined with vision and leadership capabilities.

Do you have someone like that?

Probably not – it can be expensive to hire someone just to take care of their IT and strategy. Payscale estimates the current average salary for a CIO in the US is $157,557. Can you afford that?

More often than not, strategy is left to the leadership in general. It’s everyone’s responsibility to talk about it at meetings, but no one’s specific job. How can you reconcile these two issues? The need for a CIO, and the difficulty that comes with hiring and employing one?

By outsourcing the job altogether…


Hire A Virtual CIO for your Manufacturing Firm

A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is an experienced IT professional who has an in-depth understanding of business strategy and technology. Could your business benefit from strategic IT planning that aligns your technology strategy and spending with your overall business goals?

A vCIO handles your manufacturing firm’s IT needs. As the vCIO, they will advise you on everything from IT security to operations. Their job is to keep your technology running efficiently, and with an eye to the future. A vCIO will also help you cut IT operating costs, confirm that your technology is running securely and that it enables your people to work efficiently each day.

Your 403Tech vCIO will work closely with your business to ensure that you’re making the right technology investments. Our focus is not just on what is best for your business today, but what will benefit your business down the road.

403Tech’s vCIO services include:

  • Offering support and guidance regarding new IT initiatives
  • Advising and allocating your IT budget
  • Managing the changeover to new technologies
  • Providing regular reports on the health of your business IT systems and security status
  • Creating and implementing a Business Continuity Plan
  • Lowering your overall IT costs and increasing efficiency and productivity

Truly effective strategy can’t come from the occasional meeting. It requires real focus and ongoing effort – invest in a vCIO that will do that for you today.

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