Does Your In-house IT Team Need Backup?

Are you part of the bandwagon fallacy that still holds that the only way to fill the gaps in your in-house IT team is outsourcing complete IT management? Is it a financial constraint that forces you to rely on an overwhelmed internal IT unit?

Does Your In-house IT Team Need Backup?

Are you part of the bandwagon fallacy that still holds that the only way to fill the gaps in your in-house IT team is outsourcing complete IT management? Is it a financial constraint that forces you to rely on an overwhelmed internal IT unit?

The solution lies in supplementing your in-house team with an external backup. You get to access specialized expertise and strategic IT leadership skills that your firm requires without having to bear the management and financial responsibilities that come with them.

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Who Needs Backup For Their Internal IT Team?

Is your organization growing, and you need a helping hand to guide you through the scaling process? Or maybe it is a seasonal proliferation of traffic that your in-house team cannot sustain.

It is not a matter of who, but rather when you will need IT backup. Even the most robust in-house IT departments globally, occasionally outsource support. Your technicians could be out on vacation or might have fallen ill. Then, the company needs urgent help that must also be efficient.

The most apparent pointer is when you have to deal with an overwhelmed bench of experts. An overwrought IT department:

  • Is forced to cover for the organization’s lack of adequate personnel by routinely stretching beyond their regular working hours.
  • Gradually recedes into a break-fix unit and computer repair team. They do not show any innovative enthusiasm to device proactive cybersecurity management measures; the staff only works to keep up.
  • Exudes increased emotional imbalance. The first thing you will notice is the experts withdrawing from the other business units, and then poor communication paves the way for exasperations and uncalled for wrangles.
  • Overlooks simple mistakes like software updates and system review checks.

When was the last time you gave your IT professionals a holiday break, and how insecure were you when they were not around?

Do not overwork and overstretch your IT staff beyond their limits, doing so puts your entire enterprise at risk. Outsource backup before it is too late.

Why Should You Back Up Your Internal IT Team?

Most executives link outsourced IT to fully managed IT support. Co-management is often underrated despite the many benefits that it brings on board.

  • You Get to Enjoy an Expanded Pool of Knowledge: When you entirely depend on an in-house team, you are limited to their scope of knowledge. Financial constraints often limit firms to having just a couple of professionals, who obviously cannot know everything, in their IT departments. Working with an outsource provider grants you access to the expertise of dozens of technicians to supplement your in-house team and support them with whatever resources or knowledge they need. Typically, external IT support companies invest in hiring many specialized and experienced technicians.
  • Balanced Workloads: You can outsource IT backup to work on daily Help Desk tasks, or have them handle more CTO-level strategy level roles. Either way, you will be taking some of the responsibilities off your in-house IT department’s plate, so that they can work more effectively.
  • You’ll Reduce Workplace Stress: Research shows that workplace stress can limit the productivity of your employees. All-day work, and no vacations, makes your staff miserable time managers and reduces their concentration levels. With just a handful of experts managing your organization’s entire IT system, the burden of acquiring all the requisite skill sets becomes more daunting.  The stress can even be greater with executives when professionals go on vacations, and the feeling that their systems are vulnerable can’t escape them. Outsourcing IT backup relieves employees and executives of all these stress burdens, cumulatively improving productivity.
  • You Improve Data Security: If there is an area that outsourced IT service providers are known to excel in, then it is their ability to safeguard your systems. The company’s data is your most priceless asset, and so it deserves the best protection.
  • You’ll Save on Cost: Are you ready to spend $ 122, 099/year for another IT leader, and $ 51, 838 for each additional IT specialist to safeguard your systems? These values do not even include other benefits such as insurance covers and holiday allowances. You will also need to purchase more equipment and install software and spend more bucks on maintaining and updating them.

Is there an option out of all these? Yes, with an outsourced back-up, you don’t have to worry about additional wages, sourcing and, maintaining technologies.

This is how you stand to lose if you do not outsource IT backup, in a nutshell:

  • Increased stress and reduced productivity of your IT staff.
  • An overwhelmed and overworked IT department.
  • A lean bench of technicians with limited experience.
  • Putting your IT systems at the risk of data breaches.
  • Increased expenditure for more IT staff and advanced technologies.

In the end, there are very many benefits of reinforcing your internal IT unit with outsourced backup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourcing IT Backup

  • Do you have to disband your existing IT department? No, the outsourced team works hand-in-hand with the in-house IT staff.
  • Does outsourcing IT backup require purchasing new equipment and software? No, your equipment is supplemented with more advanced hardware and software remotely.

Get The Best Backup For Your In-house IT

Ready to start, but you don’t know where to begin? The most crucial step is first finding the right IT support company. The service provider should manifest substantial experience in running co-management programs.

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