The Power Of Remote Access Capability For Oil & Gas Companies

The easier it is for your employees to access vital information, whether they’re on an oil rig or elsewhere in the field, the easier it is for them to do their jobs. Do you have a viable remote access solution in place?

Remote Access Capability For Oil & Gas Companies

No oil & gas company operates entirely under one roof. Your operation is a combination of management in a series of offices, along with numerous teams out in the field, performing survey work or operating on drilling rigs.

Supporting your network of locations with the right IT is vital for your productivity and success. Do you have an effective remote access solution in place?

Engineer At Calgary Oil & Gas Company With Remote Access Capabilities

What Are The Benefits Of Remote Access?

A remote access solution allows your teams in the field to:

  • Upload daily inspection information to be processed in real-time
  • Access information wherever they’re working from, regardless of the location, without storing sensitive data on their own devices

Furthermore, a remote access solution makes it easy to provide data to regulatory agencies when requested.

As oil fields continue to become more connected, data is created at a faster rate than ever before – making a remote access solution the perfect choice for companies that are struggling with data storage scalability and/or accommodation.

How Do You Provide The Best Possible IT Support To Remote Users?

We recently had a client ask us about how we provide superior IT support to remote users – our answer?

A comprehensive strategy for cloud services delivery.

The foundation of successful IT support for a given business’ remote workers is based on two fundamental goals:

  1. Ease Of Use: Remote workers need to be able to do their work, and easily.

    If they’re fighting against unintuitive software, a bad connection, or anything else tech-related, their standard workday won’t be all that productive. It won’t be long before their employer would simply rather hire a local, in-office worker.

    That’s why, so long as the remote worker has a strong Internet connection, the rest of the work is on the IT provider to deliver a responsive and user-friendly cloud platform with which the worker can access their business data.

  2. Uniform Performance: It’s very important that the remote user’s IT works just as well as their counterparts in the office. Any disparity in performance will soon cause delays, and lower the value of those working outside of the office.

    In effect, you should be able to think of the combination of the local and remote staff members as all working together in one digital workplace – any disconnect from one to the other is bad for business.

With those two benchmarks in mind, there’s really only one way to achieve it: migrating all necessary work data to a reliable cloud platform. The more data that’s hosted in the cloud, the better it is for the entire business.

How Should You Implement Remote Access Solutions For Your Staff?

You could handle this on your own – if you have the time and expertise, then it’s likely a project you could take care of. But if not? Then you need to partner with an IT support provider that can deliver a responsive and reliable cloud solution for your staff – allow 403Tech to help.

We make the cloud work for you and your remote workers because we know every business has unique needs and requirements when it comes to hosting their systems and data.

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