How to Switch IT Companies in Calgary

Are you planning to switch IT companies? The change can be easier than you think. Read to discover how you can make the process simple and successful.

Switching IT Companies Is Easier Than You Think

If you are reading this article, you are looking to switch IT companies. The desire to change IT companies is often because the current IT company struggles to keep up with your needs.

So, how hard is it to switch IT companies?

Switching IT companies can be easier than you think. It is a massive project, as IT companies have administrative access to everything on your network. They have access to your data, equipment, and programs.

You need to be strategic when switching IT companies. Having a plan for the change minimizes IT support failure risks.

Clients always ask 403Tech how hard it is to switch IT companies. 403Tech provides IT support. This article will help you discover essential things about switching IT companies and how you can ensure the change is successful.

Switch IT Companies in Calgary Easily

Potential Challenges When Switching IT Companies

You may encounter these challenges when switching IT companies.

  • Service Gaps: once you settle on a new IT company, they need some time to familiarize themselves with your network. If you do not account for this period in your schedule, you may not get IT support. For example, if you have a complicated IT problem, the company will not help you. Service gaps can affect your organization by causing downtimes, losses, and frustrations.
  • Unidentified Backdoors: you may have backdoors into your network. If you do not find and seal them, unauthorized people can use them to access your system. This breach can cause many challenges. The attackers can ask for ransom before returning control or trigger unwanted system configuration changes.
  • Have Missing Information: your outgoing IT company may not be happy with your changes. They may delete your data as retaliation for leaving them. Missing data can affect your reputation, operations, and cause losses.
  • Switching To An Unreliable Provider: once you change IT companies, you expect everything will improve. Your new provider will satisfy your IT needs and save you from IT support frustrations. This improvement does not always happen. You can switch to a worse or indifferent IT company to your outgoing provider.

Can you avoid these problems? Yes, you can avoid them. Switch to a good IT company and plan the change to make it a success.

What Signs Of A Good IT Company Should You Look Out For?

Prioritizes Cybersecurity

Cybercriminals continue to improve their scams. Organizations that do not update their network security protocols are vulnerable to devastating attacks.

These cyberattacks can cause reputational damage, downtimes, and losses. The IT company needs to help you develop cybersecurity measures, train your employees, and ensure you are safe from threats.

Offers Excellent Communication Channel(s)

Emergencies or inquiries can make you reach out to the IT company. If you cannot reach them, you will have unnecessary losses and a lot of frustrations.

You should be able to contact the IT company when you need them. They should have active emails, ticket support, and phone numbers. It is helpful if they have support 24/7/365.

Ensures Compliance With A Set of Standards

Several rules and regulations guide IT infrastructure. These laws protect people’s data, ensure systems have acceptable operational levels, and those handling networks have the required qualifications.

The IT company should help you comply with the regulations. They should train your employees, help you have the right setup, and have an input in your IT protocols. If your IT company does not help you comply with these regulations, you could get punitive measures, such as suspensions and fines.

Offers Affordable Services

IT companies provide services at varying rates. These differences in their fees can be because of the professionals or services they avail to their clients. A good IT company should offer the services you need at a reasonable range of the industry average. They should explain any charges higher than the average. They may also offer free additional services to clients, such as consultations.

Provides Proactive Support

Proactive support can help you identify developing challenges and manage them before they progress. The IT company should offer this support. They can provide regular checks and maintenance. This support ensures you deal with challenges before they become severe, which helps you avoid substantial losses and downtimes.

Looks For Opportunities To Help Your Business Grow

IT services can give your organization opportunities to optimize operations and reduce costs. The IT company should always look for these opportunities. For example, the company can look for IT areas to invest that will lead to cost savings and improve your operations. They can help you leverage IT support to achieve your objectives.

What’s The Process Of Switching IT Companies?

Follow these steps to make the change successful:

  1. Do not cancel your IT support arrangement with your current IT company: Wait until you have chosen a new IT company and received its services.
  2. Get admin access to everything on your networks, such as logins and passwords: Your current IT company may have some concerns about this request but get admin access.
  3. Ask your new IT company to do a comprehensive security review of your network: This assessment will identify any backdoors that unauthorized people can use to access your system.
  4. When your new IT company is in place, notify your outgoing IT company of the intention to switch IT companies: Arrange with them to facilitate the change in IT companies.
  5. Communicate the change with your employees: Notify them of the new protocols and other relevant information.

How 403Tech Can Help You Successfully Switch IT Companies

403Tech is an IT support and IT services company in Calgary. We offer various services, including managed IT services, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. Our skilled experts will help you develop IT solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

403Tech can help you switch IT companies. We can help you:

  • Plan the change in IT companies.
  • Avoid IT support failure risks and problems you face when switching IT companies.
  • Choose the right IT company.

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