Switching IT Companies in Calgary
(Why & How)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re ready to walk away from your current IT provider. Discover how to easily switch IT companies with help from 403Tech. Sign up with us and get 2 months of IT services free.

Here’s How To Switch IT Companies (And Get FREE IT Services)

Life can be unpredictable.

Whenever you’re entering some type of relationship, whether it’s personal or professional, you simply can’t predict how it’ll work out in the long-run. Sure, you can hope for the best, but unfortunately, partnerships don’t always work out. This is especially true when it comes to technology support providers.


Because many of them tout the same exceptional offerings, quick response times, and other promises simply to bring clients into the door. When push comes to shove, they don’t follow through on their promises.

Unfortunately, this happens quite often. We’ve had many clients come to us after experiencing this same situation. Far too often, you invest a ton of time and money into the partnership, and in turn, it becomes harder and harder to walk away. Well, we’re here to tell you something very important…

Switching IT Companies in Calgary

Signs That It’s Time To Walk Away

You wouldn’t be researching ways to exit the partnership if it wasn’t time to walk away. It happens, even in great partnerships when things start out perfect, but along the way, the IT company stops meeting your needs. We’ve found that oftentimes, you’re not as stuck as you feel. This is particularly true if they’re not meeting their service level agreement. Here are a few of the most common reasons we’ve heard (HINT: They’re ALL valid):

  1. They take forever to get back to you when you submit a request for support, even if they specify a certain response time guarantee.
  2. They lack the knowledge and/or training to work with the technologies and/or regulations you use or must adhere to.
  3. They aren’t available when you need them the most, such as after-hours or on weekends, when things go wrong.
  4. They aren’t keeping up with documentation, reporting, or other important information that should be provided to you.
  5. They don’t offer something you really need, such as strategic planning or cloud computing.
  6. They simply don’t seem like a good fit because they’re not friendly, they speak in tech-terms and nothing else or something similar.

If any of the above sounds familiar, it’s time to make a change. So how do you do that? How do you switch IT companies without any sort of hostility?

Have A Third-Party Involved In The Process

In the simplest terms, a third-party can make the process a lot smoother, especially if they’re familiar with transitioning businesses from a different IT company to their own IT company. Our team has done this many times and we’ve worked out a system to prevent any sort of hiccups. After all, your IT company essentially holds the “keys to the kingdom” so to speak – they have all of your documentation, login credentials, copies of backups, and other sensitive information.

You might even start to feel uncertain about your decision, even if they’re not meeting or exceeding your expectations. We get that. It’s a massive change and it’s not an easy transition to make without the right help. Here’s how we make sure the process goes smoothly with no hostility:

Find A New IT Company

First and foremost, you’ll want to find a new IT company that’s familiar with the process of transitioning you over. You should pay attention to a few key details to make sure this IT company will meet or exceed your expectations:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • Whether or not they’ve worked in your industry before
  • If they have clients who are willing to speak with you about their experience
  • What certifications, if any, they hold
  • The breadth of services they offer

Get Access To Everything You Need

Your new IT company should be able to help you get access to everything you need, including the following:

  • Login credentials and passwords
  • Administrative access
  • Reporting/documentation
  • Copies of your backups

Undergo An Extensive Security Assessment

Next, it’s time to undergo an extensive security assessment to look for any sort of vulnerabilities and/or backdoors that need to be resolved, such as:

  • Misconfigured software
  • Lack of security solutions
  • Current virus infections
  • Outdated systems
  • And much more

Give The Notice To Cancel Once An Agreement Is Signed

Once you’ve signed an agreement with your new IT company, it’s time to give notice to your current IT company. Again, your new IT company should be able to assist you with this process. Then, make sure you speak to your staff about the change, including any relevant contact information, policies or procedures they’ll need to know.

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