What Are the Best Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks?

Microsoft Excel being an extensive tool, many people do not take the time to uncover Microsoft Excel tips and tricks that are available and relevant to their needs.

What Are the Best Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks?

One of the skills essential to the success of businesses today is digital literacy. Digital literacy is the ability to not only find information but analyze and evaluate the information as well. According to Cornell University, digital literacy is defined as ”the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the internet”. The majority of today’s jobs will require digital skills. When it comes to specific programs, one of the most important ones that need to be mastered is Microsoft Excel.

When it comes to processing data, Microsoft Excel can be essential in any business. Due to Microsoft Excel being an extensive tool, many people do not take the time to uncover Microsoft Excel tips and tricks that are available and relevant to their needs. Microsoft Excel shortcuts are not necessarily secrets; they are not being hidden. However, if the tips and tricks are not learned, a significant amount of time can be spent on a very powerful productivity tool.

Are you working with an unsharpened tool by not using Microsoft Excel to its fullest? Whether you love spreadsheets or dislike them, Excel will always be the go-to solution for creating spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are great for keeping information organized, but the spreadsheets will not be very interesting to view if some of the best Excel features are not being used.

Microsoft has added a variety of tips and tricks that are not shared with users upfront. Generally, you will have to spend hours using the application, enrol in a Microsoft Excel class or webinar, or find a book. We will guess that you do not have the time to dedicate to do either of those things. While these may all be successful ways to find these tips and tricks, you do not have to take this route. This is why we are here to share some of the best Microsoft Excel tips.

Create a Table

When you have any data set that will outline different data points, one of the best ways for you to get a clear view of the data points is using a table. A table will allow you to reorganize and filter all data in the table. If your data has already been entered in a spreadsheet, you can easily and quickly create a table by selecting a cell and pressing the Control(Ctrl) key and the T key, and then pressing the Enter key.

Find Your Worksheets

If you have so many worksheets that it becomes difficult for you to find the one you need, there is a shortcut that will make it easier for you. On the bottom left of the workbook, you will find two black arrows. The black arrows can be used to scroll through all the worksheets so you can find the one you are currently working on. Click the arrow and it will become an active sheet. You will also have the ability to use the Control(Ctrl) key with the arrows to move between sheets.

When you right-click on one of the arrows, you will see a pop-up window that will showcase a list of all your worksheets. After clicking on any name, you will be taken to that worksheet.


Typically, generic terms are entered into Excel spreadsheets. What happens if the terms you need to enter are not generic terms, but complex terms? If you have to enter terms that you feel may easily be misspelled, how will you be able to avoid making a spelling mistake? You will not want to go back and forth between spreadsheets looking for spelling mistakes.

Microsoft Excel has an Autocorrect feature that will make it easier to correct mistakes without having to manually check for spelling errors. To enable the Autocorrect feature, locate the ”File” and select ”Options”. Next, select ”Options”, ”Proofing”, and ”Autocorrect Options”. Locate one of your entries that you know is not misspelled and select it. Next, begin typing in what you would like to type while you are inputting entries.

Eliminate Blank Cells

Any blank cells in your spreadsheet will need to be removed. However, we know how time-consuming it can be to find all blank cells, click the cells, and delete them. Fortunately, there is a better way to do this. You can achieve this by choosing the column that has the blank cells, selecting “Data”, and then select “Filter”. Once you see the down-facing button, you will select ”Undo Select All” and choose “Blanks”.  After choosing “Blanks”, you can return to “Home” and choose “Delete”. You now have an easier way to eliminate the blank cells that are clogging your spreadsheet.

Switch Value Format

As you may be aware, there are various formats in Excel that are not fun to type out individually, especially if your raw data has not been converted. Microsoft Excel will make it easier; you will no longer have to type out each value in the proper format. Instead of going through multiple steps to adjust the formatting, you can do this with only a few clicks. For example, when you want to change your values to currency, you can simply highlight the cells you want to change and press the following: Control (Ctrl)+Shift+$.

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