Anstice Communications is a full-service communications agency that provides public relations, marketing, and special events services.  Since 2009, they’ve delivered communications programs that produce real results for clients across a variety of industries. They pride themselves on being passionate problem solvers when it comes to strategic communications.

However, in order to provide leading communications services to their clients, they needed to stay competitive in the fast-paced and increasingly tech-based industry. The Anstice Communications team had the all the creativity, innovation and strategy necessary to serve their clients, but they required an IT partner who could help them strategically leverage technology to optimize process and solve IT problems.

The Situation: The Need for A More Organized and Fully-Managed Approach to IT

Anstice was growing rapidly, and as they grew their ability to manage IT efficiently became more challenging. They had an unfocused and scattered IT strategy that didn’t support their needs sufficiently. They desperately needed help from tech-industry experts and they knew it.

Some of the tech issues the Anstice Communications team we’re experiencing included:

  • Limited space on their Telus Webmail email platform,
  • Reliance on insecure DropBox platforms for file-sharing,
  • Problems with transferring large Photoshop files for design projects,
  • An IT infrastructure incapable of supporting their needs, and
  • The lack of a strategic approach to optimizing tech resources

Anstice Communications strives to provide the very best communications services to their clients, and to provide a premium experience, they needed to better leverage technology. The Anstice team required the service and support of a reliable IT Partner to help them navigate the rough waters of technology for business.

“IT is extremely important to us,” explains Julie Redmond of Anstice Communications. “We’re constantly on our phones and laptops to do our work. It’s part of everything we do.”

“We’re the professionals who always tell others how important it is to be connected,” continues Redmond. “So, it’s important for us to be connected as well. However, we needed reliable, secure and efficient technology to do this.”

The Solution: Partnering with 403Tech for A Focused and Strategic Approach to IT for Business

Julie and her team interviewed several IT providers in the Calgary area. Thanks to a comprehensive and well-prepared proposal, 403Tech was the provider they decided on. The Anstice team appreciated how transparent 403Tech was in their proposed solutions. 403Tech made strategic recommendations and Anstice recognized that the proposed solutions were customized specifically for them.

In addition to their IT infrastructure, Anstice had also outgrown their office environment. When they moved to a larger location, 403Tech helped them transition seamlessly. This involved:

  • Moving their IP addresses, and
  • Setting up a new IT infrastructure, with a Dell Server and Meraki Security Appliance with WiFi.

“403Tech set us up with a server, and created an IT process for us that worked,” says Redmond. “They swiftly resolved the accessibility and all the other IT issues we were experiencing.”

Throughout the transition, 403Tech ensured their 15 employees continued to have the IT access they required to stay productive and keep working. Making sure the Anstice Communications team was kept informed about the process was also a top priority as the transition took place.

“This was a complicated office move—They needed to relocate our server twice and they did so without hesitation,” explains Redmond. “All the while, they were extremely accommodating and managed all the external vendors, which made our jobs significantly easier.”

“Throughout the process, the professionals at 403Tech explained each situation and what the outcome could potentially be,” continues Redmond. “They ensured minimal downtime during our move which helped us meet our work deadlines.”

The Outcome: A Strategic IT Partnership That Optimizes Resources and Supports Business Goals

Thanks to help from 403Tech, the team at Anstice Communications is now happily situated in their new office. Even better? They’re up and running with the IT infrastructure they need to deliver their clients a premium experience. 403Tech provides Anstice Communications with strategic, responsive and reliable support to ensure their business is always running smoothly.

“Whether it’s the smallest request, or a larger, more urgent one, 403Tech treats them with the same importance and urgency,” says Redmond. “We know that we can count on them for the best IT solutions. We highly recommend their services to others. They’re simply lifesavers!”