Security Awareness Training

403Tech is proud to offer our new security awareness training to help your staff learn how best to protect your business.

Without The Right Training, Your Staff Will Put Your Business At Risk.

403Tech is proud to offer our new Security Awareness Training to help your staff learn how best to protect your business.

Do your employees have the training they need to get the most out of your company’s hardware and software without exposing you to major security risks? One of the most common vulnerabilities in a business’ cybersecurity is the unaware and untrained user, so the question is:

Are your employees putting you at risk?

403Tech will make sure your staff is a security asset, not a liability.

As a part of our Security Awareness Training service, we’re proud to provide vital security services that will both show your employees how follow security best practices, and further enhance your cybersecurity.

Benefits include:

  • A More Secure Workforce: Boost your business’ security by reducing the cost and impact that internal, user-generated infections and breaches can cause.
  • Ongoing Education: Eliminate the risk of internal security errors by continuously educating and training staff on current cybersecurity trends and tactics.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure you can meet compliance requirements for SEC, FINRA, PCI, HIPAA, and more.
  • Additional revenue: Don’t just improve your security – with Security Awareness Training, we will also educate your staff in order to generate further revenue.

Our security awareness courses include “train-as-you-go“ learning so that your employees can take on as much training as their time permits. The tests cover a comprehensive range of topics, and offer a quizzes at the end to ensure end users are learning what they’re supposed to. The manager and business owner have the capability to view the results of each employee’s testing so that they can follow up with anyone who may need additional training.

As technology continues to become more sophisticated and complex than ever before, your employees may be operating on outdated knowledge, which can quickly put your business at risk for a data breach.

Fortunately, our team of IT security experts can work with you and your staff members to help you keep your technology secure.

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