Cyber Security

The cybersecurity services we offer in Calgary include Managed IT Security, Antivirus, Spam Filtering, DNS-Level Security, Managed WiFi Services and are offered to businesses that serve from 5 to 50 users.

Many experts have expressed their belief that we are now entering a new age or era of cyber security.

Seemingly every other day or so, there is news about yet another incident relating to cyber crime and compromised IT security. While large organizations are the main targets of cyber crime, small & medium businesses are in no way safe from the likes of cyber criminals. In order to ensure the security and privacy of their data and information, all businesses need to “step up their game” so to speak when it comes to IT security and cyber security.

While most large organizations have the money, resources, and time to make upgrades and improvements when it comes to IT security and cyber security, many small & medium businesses struggle to improve their IT security and cyber security so that it can measure up to and adequately face the cyber threats of today. Fortunately, 403Tech has recognized this major dilemma that many small & medium businesses face. Therefore, we have made it a priority to provide quality IT security services to businesses that serve 5 to 50 users.

Our IT Security Services

The IT security services we offer are bundled with our managed services. Therefore, our clients don’t have to worry about selecting the right IT security services for their needs. Rather, 403Tech evaluates the IT security needs of all of its clients and provides its services accordingly to meet these needs sufficiently.

Here is some information about the IT security services we provide in detail:

  • Antivirus – The antivirus software provided by 403Tech is not only management-free, but it will also perform a scan on all the computers in your network on a daily basis. These daily scans will ensure that your system is kept as secure as possible. Our software is far more than just the average antivirus software because it is capable of preventing your employees from accessing unsafe websites. Any websites with detected malware will be blocked automatically. The user will need to override this block in order to permit the website to load on the computer.
  • Spam Filtering – 403Tech provides cloud spam filtering services, such as email encryption, email continuity, email spam filtering, and signature management, and other email security services.
  • DNS-Level Security – This service provides our clients with DNS-level protection against all types of cyber threats, including malware, botnets, spyware, phishing, and the crypto virus. If you need fast access to a destination through multiple top-level DNS servers, this IT security service will be able to meet your need.
  • Managed WiFi Services – If not managed correctly and securely, your WiFi can pose a huge threat to the security of your organization. In fact, unsecured WiFi is one of the main causes of incidents relating to cyber security and IT security.

Without a doubt, IT security services are necessary for all organizations, both big and small. Since most small & medium businesses don’t have the resources or time to launch an entire IT department to handle these services, 403Tech provides IT security services specifically for businesses that serve 5 to 50 users. That way, these small & medium businesses will be able to focus on what they do best rather than the difficult task of protecting themselves from cyber threats.

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