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Cloud Computing in Modern Business: Unlocking Ultimate Advantages

As technology advances, business entrepreneurs strive to revolutionize and digitize the way they conduct their day-to-day operations. That’s why most Calgary small and medium-sized companies are switching to cloud-based IT infrastructure to ensure scalable and flexible solutions for application hosting, data storage and processing, leveraging cloud computing to elevate their businesses to the next level. 

If you wonder how cloud computing services can benefit small and medium businesses immensely, today’s blog has your answer. Read on.  

How Does Cloud Computing Benefit Modern Business Operations?

First, let us tell you that you are already using cloud computing in your daily life without even realizing it! Yes, that’s true. From Gmail to Facebook to Instagram and Google Drive- All of these are cloud-based applications. Similarly, incorporating cloud-based IT infrastructure into your business can offer flexible solutions. Here’s how:

Cost savings

Are you concerned about the high expenses of switching to a cloud server for your IT infrastructure? Well, the initial costs seem high, but cloud computing comes with a high ROI. After all, accessing your company’s data remains a click away, leveraging cloud computing, which saves you not just time but dollars. Also, outsourcing cloud computing services allows for different offerings, as per your data storage space.


Adopting cloud computing is the best way to access security solutions for your business, especially when it comes to keeping your confidential data, files, and programs secure onsite. Cybercrimes in Calgary are on the rise these days. Cloud computing is much more efficient than conventional systems. It reduces the possibility of data theft while adding additional security measures. 

Disaster recovery

Sometimes, things go out of control, resulting in unproductive downtime, which can have a negative impact on your business in terms of brand reputation, productivity, and revenue. Switching to a cloud-based IT infrastructure cuts down on recovery speed during all kinds of emergency cases, including power outages and natural disasters. Moreover, you can avoid losing your business data when there’s a malfunction, hardware deterioration, or simple user errors. 

Auto updates for software 

Waiting for system updates is frustrating. Incorporating cloud computing into your IT infrastructure means all your software will update and refresh itself. You don’t need to ask your in-house team for manual organization updates. As a result, you save on time and dollars spent on your in-house IT staff.

How Does Managed IT Support Implement Cloud Computing for Calgary Businesses?

To get all these cloud computing benefits, you should have managed IT support. Cloud service professionals provide cloud computing services, starting with determining the unique requirements of your business by conducting a thorough assessment. After completing the assessment, they develop a cloud strategy depending on the type of cloud services best suited for your company according to budget, security needs, and goals. These experts ensure reduced costs and improve scalability and efficiency. Then, they go ahead with the cloud-based IT infrastructure setup, including:

  • Virtual server configurations
  • Networking components
  • Storage solutions  
  • Data migration to the cloud to ensure data security and integrity
  • Application and security integration and implementation 
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning to ensure data backups during unexpected scenarios
  • Ongoing maintenance and management
  • Cybersecurity awareness training and support
  • Cost optimization

The Best Cloud IT Support to Get in Calgary

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