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Cyber Security for Businesses: Acquire the Fundamental Knowledge to Become Cyber Resilient

The internet allows entrepreneurs to reach a larger audience and run businesses on a global level. It empowers computer and smartphone-based business tools that aim to streamline operations and management. While enjoying the perks of the internet, one must not forget bad guys are also a part of cyberspace. 

Cyberattacks cost the Canadian economy millions of dollars every year. Other countries are no exception. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the most attractive targets for cybercriminals as they lack security infrastructure. 

This post delves into the fundamentals of cyber security for businesses so that you get all the knowledge required to protect your entities. First, we will discuss why SMEs become soft targets for cybercriminals and then shed light on cyber security and its significance in keeping hackers at bay. And finally, we will reveal who you can trust to protect your business from cyber threats. Since we have a lot to cover, let’s get started.

Why Hackers Go After SMEs

The recent Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon showed that 46% of the breaches in 2021 impacted small and medium enterprises. Shocked? Don’t be. Let’s find out why!!

In the hustle and bustle of starting and running a business, SME owners often neglect cyber security measures. Budget is one of the major factors that prevent them from strengthening their cyber defence. They end up leaving points of entry wide open and become soft targets for hackers.

What Is Cyber Security (From Business Perspective)

As you can already guess, we will not provide the clinical definition of cyber security but inform how businesses can implement it to protect their digital assets. 

Cyber security for businesses is an amalgamation of goal-oriented strategies and processes ensuring to protect critical systems and sensitive information against data breaches and other types of cyber-attacks.

Using antivirus software and constant monitoring of networks, operating systems, email, etc., are basic yet essential aspects of cyber security. We also recommend hiring a cyber security expert from Calgary or other cities to level up your organizational cyber security measures. Providing proper cyber security training to employees will also help you with the same but remember, it is a costly affair. 

Who to Trust When Standing Up Against Cyber Attacks

Data breaches and other types of cybercrimes are getting advanced, and so are the solutions. Several next-gen cyber risk companies are nowadays providing end-to-end cyber security solutions to businesses. 403Tech Inc. is proud to be one of them. 

We are a forward-thinking organization offering the highest level of cyber security solutions in Edmonton and beyond. All our experts are highly educated, well trained and experienced. Most importantly, they are solely committed to protecting businesses from all sorts of cyber threats. 

You don’t need any more cyber security tools once you hire our dedicated team of experts. Together we can make your organization cyber-resilient.