403Tech Provides Icon Oil Group Ltd With A Comprehensive And Unified Network Solution

When Icon Oil Group Ltd had an immediate need for assistance with IT projects, 403Tech were there to facilitate this. Icon Oil have since come to rely on them for their day to day IT requirements.

Icon Oil Group Ltd are an oil and gas exploration company based in Calgary, AB, with operations and partnerships around the globe. Icon Oil’s Lucas Yates remarks that “Information technology is important to us because we need technology to stay connected and share information with our employees whether they are in the field, across the country or around the world.” 

Icon Oil required someone to help them get setup in a new office with a new and reliable network. As they did not have an internal IT department, they chose to bring in a team with the expertise to do it properly. According to Yates “We wanted to go with a local company that could provide good service.” Icon Oil reached out to 403Tech who not only assisted with their immediate project, but also were a great help with day to day issues.

The Situation: A Need for a Seamless, Accessible and Reliable Network

Icon Oil connected with 403Tech who promptly and effectively migrated them from GoDaddy IMAP to Office365. 403Tech then installed a business grade Cisco Meraki firewall and secure Wi-Fi system.

Icon Oil were delighted with the service they received from 403Tech. 403Tech are now supporting their network, IT needs and all email support.

The Solution: Relying on 403Tech for Consistent and Dependable Tech Solutions

Icon Oil now employ 403Tech as their sole business IT department.  Since Icon Oil don’t have that expertise on staff, 403Tech is there to help with small issues and larger implementations as required. 403Tech supplies them with:

  • Reliable and efficient communications – 403Tech supplies Office 365 to enable business class email functionality
  • Dependable and consistent IT support – 403Tech provides trusted and unlimited support with a proactive approach
  • Monitoring network health – 403Tech troubleshoots for any potential issues, assuring the network is well protected

Icon Oil were very pleased with the service they received from 403Tech. Yates says they would recommend 403Tech to another company requiring similar IT services. “Their customer service is excellent. Whether it’s a holiday or the weekend, 403Tech answers our inquiries and provides a solution.”

403Tech is a reliable IT support and consulting partner who are committed to providing clear and concise solutions tailored to their client’s needs. 403Tech provides an extensive range of IT consulting services to aid your business with Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, Cloud Services, IT Consulting & Projects, Hosted Office 365 email and VOIP. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us on (403) 215-7506.