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Lack of Cyber Security: Consequences That Organizations May Suffer from and the Best Way to Avoid Them

We will look at the expected consequences businesses may suffer if they take cyber security for granted. Finally, you will learn about an IT company that offers robust cyber security solutions in Edmonton or other cities across the globe to help businesses protect their digital assets. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started. 

Loss of Data

Data loss has become quite common nowadays. It primarily happens to businesses that neglect cybersecurity. A recent report reveals that cybercriminals mostly succeed in infiltrating systems due to employees’ carelessness, poor password management, inadequate end-user security, and other similar issues. Once hackers breach the organization’s network, they can easily steal, manipulate, or corrupt files. Businesses are always recommended to keep backing up data to avoid data loss. Implementing a proper data recovery plan is also essential to protect valuable information from cyber threats. 

Loss of Productivity

Cyberattacks often cause downtime that leads to productivity loss. Your system may also slow down if it becomes infected with malware. These problems ultimately impact the corporate supply chain and pave the way for production bottlenecks. You are most likely to miss the deadline and lose credibility in the end. 

Reputational Loss

Any company that falls prey to cyberattacks may suffer from reputational damage in public eyes. As a consequence, they are bound to suffer from various financial pain vectors in terms of falling customer base, declining stock price, etc. 


Businesses may face lawsuits if they fail to keep organizational cyber security in tip-top shape. Let’s understand how!!

Reports suggest that class-action lawsuits are getting more prevalent in relation to cyberattacks. In such a scenario, the victim may demand compensation for the inconvenience caused by the company’s inadequate cyber security practice. Therefore, the company may have to pay the settlement amount, incur attorney fees, etc.  

Ransomware Extortion

Ransomware is malicious software ideally designed to block a user from accessing his own computer system until he pays a sum of money to the perpetrators. Poor cyber security management may cause your system to be infected by ransomware. Therefore, your files will be encrypted, and you will be prevented from using them. Attackers in such a scenario typically threaten to delete vital files, block access, or publish sensitive information unless you pay them the ransom they have asked for. 

Comprehensive Solution to Neutralize All Consequences

We hope the consequences of inadequate cyber security measures are clear to you. Now the biggest question is, how do you neutralize them? Well, hiring 403Tech Inc. can help. We are a leading IT firm offering a full spectrum of solutions to help businesses address all their IT needs. Our cyber security experts in Calgary and other cities are highly experienced and well-trained. Most importantly, they are committed to protecting clients from all sorts of cyberattacks. Contact us now to learn how we can improve your organizational efficiency, productivity, and security through our holistic IT support and managed services.