Managed IT Support

New Energy’s Vision Is To Provide Clean, Reliable, Affordable, Renewable, And Environmentally Responsible Power To The World.

New Energy started on December 29, 2003, for the express purpose of developing the technology and products that harness the energy from moving water and turning it into a clean, renewable energy source.

Branded as the EnviroGen line of power generation systems, New Energy recently enlisted the help of 403Tech in keeping their business up-to-speed and useable. 403Tech now handles all software and hardware services, as well as several other aspects of IT service.

The Situation: New Energy Needed IT Services That Would be Useful and Efficient

New Energy is a small company of six people. Something they felt was essential to the success of their business was managed IT support. Previously, IT support was being provided by a member of staff. Having staff take care of IT needs worked for a while, but ultimately New Energy needed a change.

“We did not have a previous IT provider. We had a member of staff who had a decent amount of knowledge that provided support,” says Clayton Bear, President, and CEO of New Energy. “We have our own server, and we all have computers, so we needed some form of IT support. We work with 403 because we do not have the expertise in-house.”

Something that was also important to New Energy was personalized service. It was very important to Bear that the company receives support from a provider that took the time to understand the specific needs of New Energy.

“When I was searching for an IT provider, I compared small and large companies. I was looking for someone who could work with us on a more personal basis,” says Bear.

It did not matter who the standard clients of 403Tech were; it just mattered that they be able to provide personalized service and meet the needs of New Energy.

The Solution: 403Tech Took Over All Previously In-House IT Functions

After searching online, President and CEO, Clayton Bear stumbled upon 403Tech and the services they offer. Bear soon realized that 403Tech offered many services that would work well for New Energy. They have been working together since spring 2017.

“403Tech takes care of everything. From a hardware or software problem to updating our software, 403Tech does it all,” says Clayton Bear, President, and CEO of New Energy.  “From accounting software to office type software and design software, they are involved in every aspect. In short, they provide support for our software and hardware.”

403Tech is providing comprehensive service to New Energy. Even though 403Tech is providing such a large level of service, they are still able to remain personal. Keeping service personal was the main goal for New Energy.

“Primarily the personalized service is the most important part. It’s good to know you’re not just a service tag,” says Bear.

403Tech serves the IT needs of many businesses who work in various fields. Yet, they are still able to maintain their personalized service, which puts them apart from other IT providers.

The Outcome: 403Tech is Providing Personalized Service to Ease New Energy’s Concerns

403Tech has done a great job of supplying New Energy with personalized service. New Energy is very happy with their service and feels like no other company could do better. From managed services to business continuity, 403Tech makes sure their clients’ businesses are running efficiently. By taking a personalized approach to their provided services, the experts at 403Tech are able to suggest the most effective solutions out there.

“I didn’t want to part of a list of companies that a larger organization works with. I feel like New Energy is an individual company in the eyes of 403Tech and they provide us with service that makes it seem as if we are their only client,” says Clayton Bear, President, and CEO of New Energy. “If I need these guys I can probably get ahold of them anytime, day or night.”

When asked about the service provided by 403Tech Bear says that he is very happy with the personalized service. Bear also thinks that other companies could benefit from 403Tech.

When asked if he would recommend 403Tech to other businesses, Bear says, “I would recommend them to other companies. They helped New Energy get everything squared away, and they could do that for anyone.”

The new managed IT support provided to New Energy from 403Tech has guided the company out of the dark. Now, with personalized service, software and hardware management are kept up, as well as any updates needed to software or devices.

New Energy found great support and service from 403Tech. Now, they can focus on clean energy rather than resolving software issues themselves. To set up your support, contact IT experts at 403Tech. Call (403) 215-7506 or email [email protected]