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No matter how small an organization is and how few clients it serves, chances are the organization has technology needs that must be fulfilled.

Unfortunately, most small businesses simply do not have the resources or capacity to hire the employees and obtain the infrastructure required for a full-scale IT department. Furthermore, very few small businesses actually need the services and support of the scale provided by an entire IT department.

Fortunately, these small businesses do not need to go without because 403Tech realizes that these organizations need and deserve quality IT services. If you’re interested in having 403Tech fulfill your need for IT services, here is some information about the managed services we provide.

Our Managed Services

In general, the needs of a small business are the same as that of a large business, just not at the same scale. Therefore, here at 403Tech, we offer small businesses the same IT services that we would offer to large businesses. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the needs of large businesses overshadowing the needs of your small business because our services are primarily intended for businesses that have 5 to 50 users.

Our solutions offered here at 403Tech include:

  • Data Backup and Recovery – Every business, big and small, has sensitive data that is essential for its operations. This may be information about the design of products or it may be the private information of customers and clients. No matter the nature of the information, you can count on 403Tech to provide data backup and recovery services to ensure that you will always have access to this information. System failures and data loss occur to just about everyone, so you need to be prepared should it happen to you.
  • Managed Services and Support Help Desks – 403Tech provides managed services and help desk support to deal with all the IT headaches that your small business may encounter on a day-to-day basis.
  • System failures  – The total cost of ownership for expensive hardware can be a hard pill to swallow for small businesses. By utilizing our cloud service, customers can scale up and scale down the extent of the services they require at a moment’s notice. Best of all, they will pay a fraction of what it would cost to own it themselves.
  • Hardware Solutions – Our technicians are able to help with the maintenance of your hardware solutions so that the operation of your small business won’t be disrupted by malfunctioning or broken hardware.
  • VoIP Solutions – We will handle your VoIP solutions to enhance communication within your organization.
  • Vendor Management – 403Tech provides vendor management services to help small organizations handle their business with vendors.
  • Email and Spam Protection – Email and spam are a major source of data breaches and malware. 403Tech will provide email and spam protection to shield your organization from both threats.

For more information about the IT services we provide here at 403Tech, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at 403Tech, we are willing to do anything in our power to ensure the IT needs of our customers are met to the fullest extent possible.

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