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What Is Managed IT Service and Why Do You Need It?

In this age of digitalization, every organization needs a team to manage its in-house IT requirements and to ensure uninterrupted operations. Some companies invest in developing their own IT team, whereas others, mainly SMBs, fail to accumulate enough resources to deal with their IT responsibilities independently. That’s where managed IT services come into play. In this post, we will discuss managed IT services and shed light on their benefits. 

What Is Managed IT Service?

Managed IT service is a solution provided by a third-party contractor for his clients. It can be considered an ecosystem where a company offloads its IT requirements to an external IT service provider. In this ecosystem, the managed service provider becomes accountable for handling the IT operations of its clients. The clients, on the other hand, pay a monthly or yearly or contract-based fee to the service provider. Some customers and their service providers also work in a pay-per-usage pricing model. 

The idea behind developing managed IT service offerings is to shift the IT-related burden from the company to the service provider. It allows entrepreneurs to focus on core business interests instead of indulging in IT management chores. Companies that offer managed IT services package benefits their clients in several ways. In the below section, we will focus on them. 

Why Do You Need Managed IT Service?

Subscribing to managed IT services can benefit companies of all types, irrespective of their niche or size. It helps businesses to:

  1. Fill the Skill Gap: Many companies have a strong team that can efficiently handle core business operations. But unfortunately, they don’t have enough time or talent to deal with IT requirements. In such cases relying on managed IT services work magically as doing so allows the team to keep innovating without getting trapped in routine IT tasks. 
  2. Save Operational Cost: Several managed IT services are tied to cloud expenses. They can save your capex from hiring staff or training them. As mentioned above, the pricing of managed IT services typically includes a fixed monthly charge. The cost of managing IT operations in-house is a costly affair. Managed IT services in Calgary or other cities will not only be cost-effective, but their price will also be predictable. It will help you make a precise budget. 
  3. Worry Less: As a subscriber of managed IT services, you don’t have to worry about outages as your provider will take care of them. Managed IT service providers and their clients work under a Service-Level Agreement (SLA). Therefore, you will always have a clear idea of what and when to expect. 

We hope that now you understand why you need managed IT services. The next big question is, who should you trust for this? 403Tech Inc. is the answer. We are a managed IT service provider from Calgary committed to addressing all IT needs of our clients. Contact us now to learn how our IT team can assist you in every step and make your growth inevitable.