Why Cyber and Information Security Services Are Essential for Businesses

Most businesses have become digitized with the help of modern technologies and devices. Most transactions are now taking place online, people are prioritizing emails over physical mailing systems, and soft copies have replaced the uses of pen and paper. Thanks to digitalization, globalization and emerging technologies, businesses are now operating online and breathing in the same connected ecosystem – so do cyber threats.

Due to the same interconnected ecosystem, businesses of all types are now vulnerable to cyber threats. In a study, Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has found that the number of cyberattacks was doubled globally in 2017. Statistics Canada stated that in Canada alone, local companies had combinedly spent around $14 billion on cybersecurity in 2017, and cyberattacks hit almost 20% of all Canadian companies in the same year.

Cybercrime is constantly rising, and small businesses have frequently been exposed to it. Cyberattacks have also hit even giants like Uber, Maersk, and Equifax in the last few years. Finally, we will conclude that cyber security is one such measure that every business must take regardless of its size or type. Here’s why cyber and information security services are essential for your business.

#1 Protect Business Data and Personal Information

IT and cybersecurity experts provide comprehensive digital protection against business data. It allows employees to surf the internet with complete freedom without fearing any online threats. Personal information, on the other hand, is one of the most valuable commodities in this age of digitalization. If a virus or hacker gets into your employee or customer database, chances are they could sell the information or even use it to extract money. Receiving IT security services in Calgary or other cities will help you to keep the personal data of your customers and employees secured.

#2 Predict and Block Cyber Attacks

Since businesses are evolving from pen and paper to computers, new security challenges are also opening up to them. Availing Calgary IT security services help businesses to get complete insights into the cyber threats that could harm their digital assets and steal information. Cybersecurity experts are well trained and highly experienced in predicting potential threats. They also have the expertise to protect IT database by preventing cyber threats.

#3 Allow Your Team to Work Securely and Promote Productivity

Without world-class cyber security solutions, your business will always be under the threat of potential cyber-attacks. Your productivity can be hampered if your network or even a single computer gets infected. Viruses will slow down your system, and therefore working on them will become impossible. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and money to bring your operation back on track. So, it is always better to invest in top-notch IT security services in the first place and save your computers and network from being infected. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

These are the only three of the many reasons that make cyber and information security services an essential element for businesses. You can rely on 403Tech Inc. to save your business from all types of cyber threats. We are one of Canada’s top 50 managed IT services companies, providing exceptional IT support in Calgary and other cities. Contact us now to learn more about our IT solutions.