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A Guide on Cybersecurity-First Culture Development for Your Business

It’s been four months since the year has begun. But have you developed any plan for the IT security and cyber security of your company? In most cases, we have seen many entrepreneurs turning a blind eye to security notifications, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Cybersecurity remains last on their priority list. 

Cybersecurity threats are at every corner. It doesn’t happen to just large corporations but SMEs as well. That’s why you should develop a cybersecurity-first culture for your business and adopt the changes to protect your company from threats. 

Do you wonder WHY? See here.

Why Should Your Company Adopt Cybersecurity-First Culture?

Well, this security-first culture involves improved cyber practice fostering and implementation to keep your company network safe so the chances of hacking your data remain less. Being the owner, you should employ this culture strictly and regularly, like emulating the best cybersecurity exercises, working with the best cybersecurity expert in Calgary, and more.

Moreover, a security-first culture can be a good PR at your workplace. However, there are more factors proving its valued necessity in your company. Such as:

#1: Technology is advancing rapidly-

With the advancement of years, technology comes with drastic changes and progress. Although it is a gift, not everyone uses it for good purposes and wisely, like cyber criminals. They can infiltrate your network and get confidential business data just with some clicks and programs. So, adopting a cyber security awareness culture is not a bad idea, though. 

#2: Hybrid and remote working culture-

The Pandemic has changed the way business functions. Recently, more and more SMEs and large corporations are embracing hybrid and remote working environments to have more employees but without extending the workspace, which saves a lot while allowing business growth. 

So, when our employees start working from home using PCs, it becomes more necessary to keep your organization’s network safe. After all, even a small phishing scam against your staff can allow cyber criminals access to your company network, leading to data vulnerability and employee liability.

#3: Sophisticated malware-

With the emergence of malware platforms, the lax attitude of companies increases, leading to cybersecurity threats. After all, with technology progressing, cyber criminals have become smarter in their techniques to break your network security. 

So, along with smart cybersecurity choices from renowned cybersecurity companies in Calgary, you should follow a set of guidelines to maintain a cybersecurity-first culture in your workspace. 

How to Develop a Cybersecurity-first Culture

While looking forward to developing a cybersecurity-first culture within your workspace, you must take a few steps. Such as:

Step #1: Arrange cyber security awareness training to ensure your employees know how to deal with real cyber threats. It can include everything, from workshops to training exercises to security maintenance. 

Step #2: Invest in a better cyber security expert for your organization to get simplified solutions with guaranteed network security.

Step #3: Plan shared responsibility for each employee to prevent vulnerable attacks.

Bottom Line

So, if you have decided to embrace a cybersecurity-first culture in your workspace, make sure you have the best IT security and cybersecurity expert by your side. At 403Tech Inc., we have the best team of cybersecurity experts in Calgary. From IT security to spam filtering to DNS-level security- We cover everything. Click here to schedule a FREE consultation on IT service now!