403tech provides Bearstone Environmental Solutions Inc. with an upgraded IT system and proactive unlimited monthly support

After experiencing substandard service from their previous IT company, Bearstone Environmental Solutions partnered with 403tech who upgraded and offered them a faster, more reliable and efficient IT service, fixing problems before they became bigger issues.

Calgary IT ServicesBearstone Environmental Solutions Inc. is a Service Company to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. Bearstone’s Christie Reeve stresses the importance of Information Technology in the way the company communicates. “It is our daily business.  Without it, we can’t service our client.”

Bearstone felt the service they were getting from their previous IT company was unsatisfactory. As a small start-up company they needed help getting their computer system set up, as well as someone who could understand their IT difficulties and concerns. One of 403tech’s clients recommended them to Bearstone and it was a great fit.

The Situation: A Need for an Effective and Consistent IT Communications System

403tech were able to deal with all of Bearstone’s IT concerns. To resolve the lack of storage space on the File Server, 403tech deployed a new Dell rack mount server with adequate storage and speed requirements, which would also allow for future growth. They also virtualized their server which allowed for flexibility and ease of backups. Their managed services allowed for a complete overview of Bearstone’s network and full remote control of their hardware. In addition, they deployed a backup solution for instant restore of files in a matter of minutes.

They gave their client confidence in their IT service by migrating them from an on premise server to Office365 all with no loss to email or unexpected downtime for the client. providing ongoing maintenance solutions and a proactive support that allows for constant updates and alerts to address most issues before they arise.

The Solution: Connecting with 403tech for Solid IT Support and Service 

403tech and Bearstone still maintain a great working relationship. 403tech continue to provide them with unlimited monthly support for all of their network users no matter where they are located. 403tech delivers:

  • Resourceful Remote Monitoring – 403tech provides a monthly managed service to help the client manage their resources to maximize productivity.
  • Modern and efficient communications system – 403tech utilizes Office 365 for all email needs, standing by its feature rich functionality and cost effectiveness.
  • Secure and easy backup protection – 403tech’s cloud backup system gives the utmost protection in the event of a disaster insuring critical data is never lost.

Bearstone were extremely dissatisfied with the service they received from their original IT company. According to Reeve, 403tech’s “service is much faster, and when the problem isn’t understood, they make an effort to understand it.” 403tech keeps their email and internet working and Bearstone recommends them for the effort, communication and service they offer their clients.

403tech is a reliable IT support and consulting partner who are committed to providing clear and concise solutions tailored to their client’s needs. 403tech provides an extensive range of IT consulting services to aid your business with Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, Cloud Services, IT Consulting & Projects, Hosted Office 365 email and VOIP. To learn more about how our services can benefit you, contact us on (403) 215-7506.

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