Canadian Executive Recruitment Firm Migrates To The Cloud With Help From 403Tech

Simpson & Associates Executive Search was established in 1994 and is a boutique executive search and recruitment practice, providing premium search consulting services to client organizations throughout North America and internationally. Their clients range from entrepreneurial, “start-up” ventures to large, multinational corporations.

The Situation: Enlisting Expert Support for Cost-Efficient Cloud Migration

“Simpson & Associates originally relied on break-fix IT support from a single IT technician,” says 403Tech President, Scott Gallupe. “We ended up hiring that IT guy and the relationship continued to move forward with him onboard.”

Simpson & Associates were moving offices and needed a central location for their server to reside. To do this, they needed a dedicated IT firm that could work with them to understand the specific needs associated with their business and then provide them with timely, cost-efficient solutions and consistent support to move forward.

The Solution: Moving Servers Offsite and Setting the Client Up with Calgary-Based Cloud Solutions & Support

Even though Simpson & Associates were moving offices, they needed a central location to securely store business data. They talked with 403Tech about the Cloud and ended up going with the Cloud server so that it could be accessible anywhere, anytime – all that employees would need is an internet connection. 403Tech migrated Simpson & Associates from an on-premise server to a Cloud server, fully hosted in a managed environment.

“IT is critical to our daily business and operations,” says Doris Kwan of Simpson & Associates. “403Tech assisted us in moving to a ‘virtual’ server so we could have the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime and from any place that our search assignments may take us.”

“Since the virtual server is offsite, we don’t have to worry about conducting monthly onsite server maintenance,” adds Kwan. “Additionally, we are not impacted by scheduled or spontaneous power outages, which translates into us being able to provide continuous and seamless, high-quality service to our clients without any interruptions.”

403Tech’s Cloud service & support offers Simpson & Associates an inexpensive and easy way to store and protect their data. 403Tech also helped them set backup systems and dynamic networking in the Cloud. For every client they work with, 403Tech aims to offer the best Cloud experience in Calgary.

The Outcome: Calgary-Based Cloud Services Gives Client Flexibility Alongside Personalized Service and Support

Simpson & Associates is now completely virtualized in a Cloud-based server environment and they don’t have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of their server infrastructure. 403Tech supports their new Cloud servers with:

  • Monthly Cloud hosting,
  • Cloud backup,
  • Unlimited remote support via managed services.

Now Simpson & Associates can work anywhere they have internet; on an iPad, a smartphone or in a Starbucks.

“What I like about 403Tech is the quick, personalized service we receive to solve whatever issues we might be experiencing,” says Kwan. “Whatever issue we have, we know when we call them, it will be solved. We are always left with the impression that they understand how important it is for the continuity of our business not to have any downtime on the system, and they treat us as a priority.”

“I would definitely recommend 403Tech!” continues Kwan. “We are pleased with the service we continue to receive from them. We have worked with several companies in the past, and I think the biggest differentiator is the personalized service we receive from 403Tech.”

“With large IT service companies, you often feel lost in the machine, and each time you call in, you get a different person who you then have to explain the entire history of the issue to – you don’t get the service continuity that a smaller firm can provide,” adds Kwan. “We’ve also been able to get to know the staff at 403Tech, and we are confident that when we speak to any one of them they understand the problem and will work quickly towards a solution.” 

Not every business has the resources necessary to run and maintain an effective IT department. 403Tech’s Cloud services in Calgary can offer businesses the opportunity to boost their performance and productivity tenfold. If you’re looking to migrate to the Cloud, don’t hesitate to contact the Calgary Cloud experts at 403Tech at (403) 215-7506 or by email [email protected].