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Cloud-based IT Infrastructure Security: A Critical Business Strategy to Adapt

Security theft is not something that only small and medium-sized businesses should be concerned about. Even bigger companies can be a victim of cyberattacks. A recent survey shows around 96% of businesses in Calgary face problems with cloud security. That’s why if you are running a business in Calgary, you should embrace a security solution for your cloud-based IT infrastructure as it is a critical business strategy for any organization, regardless of its size. 

Still, wondering WHY? Let us explain to you in detail!

Why Consider a Cloud-based IT Infrastructure Security As a Part of Business Strategy?

Almost every company is switching to cloud servers in Calgary for the business IT infrastructure. It should be a necessary part of business strategy, not only to enjoy the convenience, but cloud security to avoid the potential risks that usually most cloud businesses face without a secure cloud-based IT infrastructure. Such as:

#1: Third-Party Risks-

Is there any person outside your business that have access to your organization’s cloud system? Even one person can be a risk to the confidential data of your company because it takes just a password or API to enter your network, and all your data can be exposed through this access. And it can get out of hand in no time before you understand. 

#2: Non-Person Identity Risks-

Due to the cloud computing proliferation, the number of non-person identities can be more than the actual persons in the cloud system. These non-person identities, including functions and bots managing your operations and integrations, may come with carte blanche control on your cloud system that can be vulnerable. 

#3: Malware Attacks-

While switching your business data to cloud backup, it’s an economical step, but there can be the chance of using it as a platform for data exfiltration. Cybercriminals keep looking for different ways to insert malware into your cloud system. 

#4: IP Theft-

The biggest threat to your business is leaking your intellectual property i.e. confidential data of your company. It can happen even through your or your employees’ personal devices if connected to your company network without ensuring they are secure enough. Thus, you or your staff can leave sensitive information about your business accessible without realizing it. 

In fact, with the increasing rates of cyberattacks, the importance of cloud security continues to rise in every organization in Calgary. And in this case, you can take the following actions for the cloud-based IT infrastructure security of your company as a business strategy:

1. Consider Risk Management As A Regular Activity-

Practice can make anything better. So, take risk management as a habit to reduce the chances of cyberattacks and improve the security of your cloud system. For example:

  • Give your staff cyber security awareness training.
  • Request a professional cloud service to assess your network regularly.
  • Do phishing tests.
  • Prepare for disaster recovery and take threats seriously. 

2. Start A Zero-Trust Culture In Your Office-

Develop a standard zero trust setting in your company while working with any device, people or other networks. Make sure you allow minimum access to only the third vendors for the service they are paying for. Also, prevent your cloud system access for former employees and internal threats quickly.

3. Partner With A Reliable Cloud-Based Service Provider-

Work with a professional cloud service provider to help you with cloud security, including servers, networking, and cloud backup in Calgary. Also, choose the one providing 24/7 monitoring to ensure you are safe from cyberattacks. 

Bottom Line

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