Madison Avenue Group is a Calgary-based homebuilder. They build hundreds of structures every year, including single, multi-family, and resort properties throughout North America.


When they started as a company three years ago, they were busy financing, setting up their communities, and developing sales that would come to fruition in the long term.

As a startup in the construction industry, the first few years of their operation were crucial and busy. They didn’t have time to look after their IT, or directly oversee a project as time-intensive as cloud migration.

That’s why they chose to work with 403Tech.  Discover how 403Tech helped Madison Avenue Group.

Madison Avenue Group’s Previous IT Company Was Holding Them Back

Before partnering with 403Tech, Madison Avenue Group was working with another IT support provider. While the company was familiar with Madison Avenue Group’s leadership from previous workplaces, they weren’t helping the new company grow and thrive.

This was especially apparent to Madison Avenue Group’s CFO, Gerry Mendyk. He knew that the company had to update its IT infrastructure if they were going to capitalize on opportunities to grow in their first few years.

“They had a whole bunch of antiquated server equipment and desktop equipment,” says Gerry.”I said, ‘We’ve got to look at updating our solution here’.”

That’s when Gerry started looking for an IT company that would help them modernize their IT systems. After some research into local Calgary IT companies, he got in touch with 403Tech.

403Tech Offered Exactly What Madison Avenue Group Was Looking For

“We brought 403Tech in to do a pitch relative to the old company we were using, and we decided to go with them,” says Gerry.

403Tech demonstrated a number of key qualities Gerry and the Madison Avenue Group management team were looking for in their IT company. They were knowledgeable, effective, and seemed easy to work with.

“They were small and nimble, and [403Tech President] Scott Gallupe was wonderful to work with,” says Gerry.

403Tech Strategized Madison Avenue Group’s IT To Support Their Growth

Over the following years, 403Tech oversaw a range of projects to help scale and enhance Madison Avenue Group’s IT environment, helping to support their growth, while also addressing any support issues as they arose.

“They got us moved into the cloud, they managed our desktop issues, they managed a bunch of software integration, they managed our office move,” says Gerry.

A key undertaking was the company’s migration to the cloud. A cloud migration is a big process, and if it’s not handled correctly, it can be error-prone and overly expensive. An improperly managed migration can result in a range of negative consequences:

  • During the transition, the business could permanently lose key data with no backup or redundancies to replace it.
  • The migration, already expensive, could take longer than expected and add additional downtime to the staff’s work life.
  • Once it is finally installed and launched, the platform is overly complicated and difficult to learn, leading to more downtime for the staff.

That’s why Madison Avenue Group relied on 403Tech to handle the process. By having an expert IT company manage the project, Madison Avenue Group’s staff could focus on their own work and trust the process was being attended to.

The 403Tech team carefully managed the migration, achieving minimal downtime and moving Madison Avenue Group to an agile and robust cloud environment.

“We couldn’t be happier with what they’ve done for us the past couple of years,” says Gerry.